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One Drupal 8 Slide Deck To Rule Them All - Please give this at your local event!

Sat, 06/02/2012 - 18:16 -- webchick

Greetings, Drupal Planet!

Here are the slides from my DrupalCamp Vancouver "hook_future_alter()" talk. This outlines the major changes currently in development for Drupal 8, how Drupal 8 will impact end users, site builders, designers, and developers, and how to jump in and help!

O'Reilly Webcast on Drupal 7 tomorrow!

Tue, 07/19/2011 - 11:55 -- webchick

The fabulous and ever-entertaining Jeff Eaton and myself will be presenting about Drupal 7 tomorrow on an O'Reilly Webcast about What' new and cool in Drupal 7? at 10am - San Francisco | 6pm - London | 1pm - New York | 10:30pm - Mumbai.

We'll cover some background on the Drupal project, what some of the biggest new cool features are in Drupal 7, impart tips on upgrading, and leave lots of time for Q&A. Please Register now if you'd like to join us! :D

The Drupal Community: Where we're going and how to get involved

Tue, 10/05/2010 - 12:26 -- webchick

Here is a copy of my slides + video from my talk at the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit on the Drupal community, how to get involved, and where we're going.

The general topic is about how and why to get involved in the Drupal community, and it includes some simple things literally anyone can do to help the project, some "myth busting" around the Drupal community and open source in general, and tips and tricks on how to ensure you're contributing in an effective way.

Angela Byron: The Drupal Community from Carlson Media on Vimeo.

Slides: drupal-community-pnwds-2010-10-02.pdf (PDF, 19MB)

Video/Slides from Women in Open Source talk at Open Web Vancouver 09

Wed, 07/08/2009 - 16:26 -- webchick

With huge thanks to Sarah Cruise from dyke it, here's the video and slides for the Women in Open Source talk at Open Web Vancouver 2009 a month or so ago.

Women in Open Source

View Slides (16 MB PDF)
Download Video (195 MB FLV)

If you've seen the old version of that talk, the content is fairly similar, but some additional tweaking, so it might be worth checking out. Like always, there's a new horror story (and of course this debacle happened the very next day *sigh*), and at the end there is a new section called "Myth Busters" that's an attempt to shatter misconceptions that a lot of would-be open source contributors have that make them think they're not "good enough" to participate. (I know, because I was one of those myself for about a decade.) The discussion at the end is also pretty fun, esp. for the Drupal crowd. ;)

I wanted to sincerely thank the organizers of Open Web Vancouver (esp. Malcolm Van Deist and Jeff Griffiths) for having me. The conference was absolutely awesome: a wonderful mix of technology, important social and political issues, and genuinely interesting people to talk to.

It was also great to re-connect with old Drupal friends. Made me all nostalgic for my very first Drupalcon back in 2006 that completely changed my life. :') Aw!! Thanks too for all the great recommendations that have come in for "Operation: Show Marci How Awesome Vancouver Is." 18 days to go... DUN DUN DUNNNN... Keep those suggestions coming if you have them. :)

Slides from Montreal Girl Geek Open Source Talk

Wed, 01/30/2008 - 07:57 -- webchick

Here are the slides from last night's Montréal Girl Geek Dinner. It provides a basic definition of open source, talks about what some of its benefits are, discusses why someone might want to get involved, what some of those ways are, and how to get started.

Open Source: what it is, why it's cool, how to get involved

It was a lot of fun giving this talk, and it was really awesome to see how many people in the audience seemed excited about the subject matter (or at least didn't fall asleep ;)). I'm hoping that a few of the folks there who seemed extra keen will go on to become more involved in open source in general, but also Drupal specifically. In fact, probably a third of the folks there raised their hand when I asked who'd used Drupal, so that was cool. ;)

By the way, I totally spaced on mentioning this last night, but to anyone who attended, there's actually a Montreal Drupal User Group. Feel free to sign up and talk/plan stuff, because it's ever-so-lonely there now. ;)

A huge thanks to Tanya McGinnity for stepping up to organize these awesome events, and for forcing me to leave my house to go speak at one. ;) Without you, I think a lot of us would still be under the misguided notion that we were the only girl geeks out there in the big city. You rule!!

Speaking at Women in Open Source event in Los Angeles

Sun, 01/27/2008 - 14:15 -- webchick

Speaking at SCALE

On Friday, February 8, in Los Angeles there's going to be a special Women in Open Source mini-conference as part of the larger Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE).

Both Addison Berry (add1sun) and myself will be speaking there. Addi will be talking about Open Source Mentoring, including efforts around the Drupal Dojo, and then I'll be doing a Drupal demo that will show how Drupal works by giving an overview and building a small website with it.

Additionally, Mike Stewart from the Drupal Los Angeles User Group will be helping to manage a Drupal booth at the conference. Stop on by if you'd like to meet some fellow Drupal users and talk shop with some folks who won't give you a funny look when you say "Druplicon." ;)

So if you are in the area Feb. 8-10, pick up your ticket and stop on by for some fun! :)

Also, on a slightly related note, if you're local to Montreal, I'm also going to be presenting Tuesday night at the January Montreal Girl Geek Dinner about open source. This is the second Girl Geek dinner, and the first one was a lot of fun, so go sign up at that accursed Facebook page if you want to come. ;)

Slides from "Implementing Drupal" Tech Talk at Google

Tue, 11/13/2007 - 01:06 -- webchick

By popular demand, here are the slides from the Google Tech Talk I gave with Geoff Butterfield of the George Lucas Educational Foundation back in October.

This talk consists of an overview of Drupal, who uses it, how it works, and what some of its killer modules are, and then specifics about how it's implemented in the site Edutopia.org.

Here's the video:

And here are the slides: http://webchick.net/files/presentations/2007-10-08-google-implementing-drupal.odp

Video of my Women in Open Source talk at Ontario Linux Fest

Thu, 11/01/2007 - 09:48 -- webchick

Thanks to Khalid for the heads-up about a video out there of my Women in Open Source talk I gave last month at the Ontario Linux Fest. Check it out here: http://www.archive.org/details/onlinux_womeninopensource

The slides for this talk are also available at http://webchick.net/files/presentations/women-in-open-source-onlinux-200...

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