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Slides from "Implementing Drupal" Tech Talk at Google

Tue, 11/13/2007 - 01:06 -- webchick

By popular demand, here are the slides from the Google Tech Talk I gave with Geoff Butterfield of the George Lucas Educational Foundation back in October.

This talk consists of an overview of Drupal, who uses it, how it works, and what some of its killer modules are, and then specifics about how it's implemented in the site Edutopia.org.

Here's the video:

And here are the slides: http://webchick.net/files/presentations/2007-10-08-google-implementing-drupal.odp


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Thanks, this is great. I have seen so many people ask for the slides, especially for the two drops with the tag clouds, which are great. I think this is a pretty slick (complete yet short) summary about Drupal and it will be great if more people see this or derivates. What's the license?

Submitted by webchick on

I nicked a couple of the slides from Dries's 2004 Vancouver presentation, which is in the contributions repository. So the presentation is licensed under GPL, with the exception of the Barcelona group photo, which needs to be attributed to the photographer (the rest of the images were carefully selected from the Wikimedia Commons) .

Sorry about the delay in posting these... been doing lots of traveling lately. :(

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thanks, very nice presentations!

I'm very curious about the extremely cool flash video browser used on edutopia.org! The presentator explained his cookie-cutter views view but he did not mention anything about the flash module on top of it;

webchick, could you tell me what this thing is? is it available as a module of custom work?

Submitted by webchick on

That this is just some custom HTML to embed the Flash placed in the "page header" field of the View, but I'll send Geoff an e-mail to inquire.

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yeah perhaps. It would be cool if you could feed content to such a flash thing through views or views rss/xml output.

Submitted by webchick on

The Flash thing is a sort of good news/bad news kinda deal. The bad news is that is not tied into views or anything programmatically cool , but the good news is that it's dead simple -- in fact, it's bought off the shelf ($45):


They make a nice graphing tool too.

It uses external XML lists, it probably wouldn't be that hard to set something up dynamically.

There you go. :)

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Thank you webchick :)

Very well structured presentation, good job. Thanks for sharing this.

nice blog, just looking around some drupal sites, seems a pretty nice platform. I'm currently using Wordpress for a few of my tukang nggame sites but looking to change one of them over to drupal

Nice presentation consist of many usefull plugin.

I will sure use them for my page too

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The speaker started with Drupal just about 2 years ago, but her expertise is far beyond that. Great passion, I guess.
Kellvin from social bookmarking