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The Drupal Community: Where we're going and how to get involved

Tue, 10/05/2010 - 12:26 -- webchick

Here is a copy of my slides + video from my talk at the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit on the Drupal community, how to get involved, and where we're going.

The general topic is about how and why to get involved in the Drupal community, and it includes some simple things literally anyone can do to help the project, some "myth busting" around the Drupal community and open source in general, and tips and tricks on how to ensure you're contributing in an effective way.

Angela Byron: The Drupal Community from Carlson Media on Vimeo.

Slides: drupal-community-pnwds-2010-10-02.pdf (PDF, 19MB)

The video was recorded by http://carlsonmedia.ca/ and had lots of great input and ideas from Ariane Khachatourians , Greg Dunlap, Addison Berry, and Randy Fay. Thanks also to Chris Geoghegan for extending the offer to keynote, and to everyone else involved in the organization of this amazing conference! I don't think I've enjoyed a Drupal event quite as much since the last time I was at UBC Robson Square with a bunch of Drupal geeks back in 2006 for OSCMS. :)


Watching videos like these just gets me jumping straight into IRC and the issue queues! :)

Thanks for all your hard and inspiring work!

I'm sorry I missed the talk!

I really like what you said about the Drupal community, not the codebase being the key value for Drupal. I truly feel that is what distinguishes Drupal from so many other platforms out there.

The open-source model is a huge (and refreshing) departure from the proprietary patent fueled business models of the past. The key value for any platform is people - because as you mentioned the code can always be replicated. I find it interesting that on an individual application front, the value of individual sites is more and more based on the content and associated community (read:people) rather than the particular technology they are built in.


You are inspirational, funny, insightful, convincing, among many other things. I am part of the 99.5% of people who download but never thought of contributing.

The main reason for me was because I would feel more comfortable in my own community (I'm from Nepal). But your video has changed how I view the Drupal community.

There is no "they" :)

Cheers, and I will try and buy your book!

P.S - Mollom seems to think I'm spam :(

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Great talk! Thanks for posting this. I'm inspired to do some dev work now.

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Good to see a video about the Drupal community itself, and the recording was clearly audible too which is nice.

It made me get off my bum and register with Drupal.org and download IRC.

Looking forward to being part of the Drupal community.

Keep up the good work!! Thanks for motivating me!