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Changing an iPad from a "your" iPad to a kid's iPad

Tue, 03/31/2020 - 21:21 -- webchick

Wow, it's been awhile since I blogged, apparently. :P This is not a proper blog, but rather a random smattering of notes I'd rather not lose. Maybe it's helpful to others as well!


Today, my daughter's teacher sent around some resources to facilitate home schooling over the next while. Here are the steps I went through to take my iPad (which I won at gay bingo in a unicorn onesie back in the day lol) to my kiddo's iPad.

Plotting data on a Google Map directly from Google Sheets

Fri, 11/11/2016 - 05:16 -- webchick

I have a friend looking for subsidized housing in and around Vancouver. BC Housing keeps listings at http://www.bchousing.org/Options/Subsidized_Housing/Listings but the data is all shackled up in PDF files as simple lists. There's no easy way to visualize where these properties are located within the city, and no easy way to search/filter for places that, for example, allow pets.

Why Οχι?

Mon, 07/06/2015 - 00:30 -- webchick

My Twitter timeline has been blowing up with news about Greece's decision to turn down a referendum that would accept debt relief coupled with severe austerity measures. I could find article after article after article explaining why voting "no" on this referendum was a terrible idea. However, since 61% of a country can rarely agree on their favourite kind of ice cream, let alone something with this level of economic magnitude, I was curious to learn what the "other side" of the story was.

So I posted the following to Twitter:


Why repealing DOMA matters

Tue, 03/26/2013 - 10:00 -- webchick

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments against the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), which dictates at a federal level that the word "marriage" means only a legal union between one man and one woman. The topic of marriage equality is often very contentious to "family values" people.

Well, let me explain a little bit about how this lovely little piece of legislature affects my specific family.

Escaping region locking on an XBOX 360

Sat, 09/03/2011 - 21:31 -- webchick

Because I searched for I don't even know how long and couldn't find an answer to this question...

The short version — do this:
Apple's internet sharing screen showing VPN connection shared to Ethernet.

The long version:

You're in the US, you buy some Call of Duty map pack expansions for XBox 360 from EB Games there, you get back home to Canada and try and redeem the codes, and what happens? "This item is not available from your region." FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

About my dad

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 21:13 -- webchick

A lot of people at this point have heard about my dad's passing. Our family is fortunate to be blessed with hundreds of amazing friends and acquaintances who have sent kind thoughts, and are all concerned and wondering about what happened. Here's the full story.

Montréal 1, webchick 0

Mon, 07/20/2009 - 13:58 -- webchick

I should probably go start some LiveJournal to whine about personal crap, but I don't have one, and I really need to get some stuff off my chest, so this'll have to do. :)

On Saturday, Marci and I are embarking on what could be a life-changing trip for a week to Vancouver, BC. I'll be sans-laptop, so if you need something from me, please let me know before then.

If you care about the long, rambling back-story, feel free to read more.

The Awesomeness of Etrian Odyssey II

Sun, 04/05/2009 - 22:42 -- webchick

It's not very often that I write about something other than Drupal, but frankly something's come up that deserves it. ;) A little Nintendo DS title called Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard.

I seriously can't remember being this geeked out about a game since I was a teenager. I spent the weekend poring through forum topics, making huge spreadsheets to help with the agonizing decision on party builds, mining databases for information about skills, etc. (Hey, I never said I wasn't a dork. :P) This kind of immersion hasn't happened in years for me, and it's such an awesome feeling! :D

If you have fond memories of dungeon crawlers like Wizardry and Ultima, enjoy hunting down and collecting items, and like drawing maps, you need to run, not walk, to your nearest video game store and pick this gem up, assuming you can find it.

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