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"No Zombies Allowed" Building Chart

Wed, 05/30/2012 - 02:43 -- webchick

I'm crack-addicted to the iPhone/iPad game No Zombies Allowed, and for whatever reason can't find anything about it anywhere on the Internet.

The gist of the game is, you rebuild your city after a zombie apocalypse. Literally your city; it has geolocation detection and lets you specify nearby businesses from the "real world" from which to loot supplies. :) You progress in the game by buying hollowed-out shells of buildings with coins and turning them into either Housing (lets you bring survivors into your town as "worker bees" and to increase your town's population) or Businesses, where you use supplies to stock items which then sell over time for more coins, which are then used to buy up more hollowed-out shells of buildings which can then be turned into... well you get it.

Survivors have a particular personality type (such as "Leader" or "Joker") which impacts both their physical appearance as well as their suitability to a given business or supply run. If you match survivor and business personality types, you get bonus cash. It adds a bit of strategy to the game since you're limited in the number of survivors you can take in.

The artwork and sound effects in the game are fantastic, as well as the sense of humour around the names and products stocked at the businesses (e.g. "Last Life Arcade" sells a product "Legend of Zombie" ;)). There are action elements as well, so it's not just mindless collecting/waiting. During supply looting you actually shoot / reload at packs of roaming zombies (you get better guns [and eventually a chainsaw!] the more supply runs you do). You can also fire at zombies at the front gate for fun (and additional supplies/cash).

ANYWAY. The point of this post:

Some buildings are better than others, and when you place a new building, you're given three possible choices and no idea what's in store beyond the personality types associated with them. Here's a list of all buildings, their personality types, supplies, and income for making sound choices, since choosing wrong requires a "Z-Buck" plus several hours to bulldoze the building and try again. (I intended to put this on GameFaqs instead of my blog but they don't even have this game listed there yet.) It's editable by anyone That got messy, so if you want access to fill in additional details, please request it and I'll grant it. I'm also on the look for somewhere more "neutral" it can live so I don't need to "own" it. If you have suggestions let me know!

Hope that helps someone. :)


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According to iTunes, it's only available in Canada. :( A search in app store also brings up nothing!

Submitted by webchick on

Wow! I am totally not used to Canada getting awesomeness that the US doesn't! :O

Also, I can't believe anyone actually read this post. :D You rock!

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It is shown in America :)

Hey Angie,
Awesome business list! Our office absolutely loves it. We're linking to it up on our Facebook at http://on.fb.me/M6OLyY and also wanted to thank you for all the research and work. Feel free to shoot our community team an email at community@booyah.com and we'll happily send you some swag ;-)
Oh, and just so you know No Zombies Allowed just launched worldwide, check it out at http://itunes.apple.com/app/no-zombies-allowed/id507502198

- Booyah

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That's so cool!! I had no idea if anyone would ever even find this, let alone the awesome people who made the game! :) I'm a HUGE fan of your work, and glad that it's now available everywhere, so more nerds like me will be able to enjoy it. :D

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Hi there,
Me and my gf love the game!! but i dont have an iphone and just was wondering if the game will be available, for
android phones ?

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Sorry, I turned off global edits cos it was getting pretty messy. I'll update the blog post accordingly. But feel free to request access to the doc and I'll grant it.

If there's another tool that's better than Google Spreadsheets for this, that's great, since I don't really want to "own" it. As I mentioned, I'd rather put it on something more "neutral" like GameFaqs wiki maybe. I notice the page is up now http://www.gamefaqs.com/iphone/674238-no-zombies-allowed

If you have suggestions, I'm all ears. :)

Submitted by Lexx (not verified) on

Well, as I've noticed the Resources seem to be fixed, as in based on the sell price, the ones I was able to verify are all 1.5 for the first item, 3.0 for the second item and 4.5 for the third item (that is sell price divided by resources), or, if you prefer, the resource cost is sell price / 1.5 for the first item, / 3 for the second and / 4.5 for the third.
Also, sell price seems to be based on stock time, even if here it isn't as exact, but what I've found is 12.5-13$ per minute for the first item, 25.5-26$/min for the second item and 37.5-38.5$/min for the third item.
So it all boils down to the stock time, which is the only thing you need to consider when comparing businesses, and the only thing it changes is how often you need to stock items / produce items (as in how much attention it needs).

All shops give the same income: 1$/tick, 2$/tick and 3$/tick respectively, which adds up to 6$/tick if all items are in stock.
Each tick is about 8 seconds, so in a minute you'll get a bit less than 8 ticks (7.5), items last until they are out of "money", and having a properly matched worker will increase this total by 50%, which means (with matched workers) items do not generate income faster, they "only" generate income for longer without having to restock (thus using less resources per $).

Sorry for BAM, WALL OF TEXT! The TLDR version is: Only stock time matters, everything else is equal.

Oh, and I completely agree with putting it on gamefaqs (even if then you'd still "own" it, but where's the harm in that?).

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I'm so glad I read this before I started doing my own math..... THANKS!

Submitted by webchick on

No, I don't think the resources value is fixed, which is why that column is labeled "Approximate." It seems to be a range of values for a given stock time, based on the level of the survivor (personality match seems to be irrelevant). A level 9 survivor will need fewer resources to make the same thing than a level 1 survivor, so you should always put the higher-level survivors on the things that yield the most money (and thus cost the most resources). I haven't quite cracked the exact formula yet, but you seem to have a head for numbers so maybe you can try! :)

Interestingly, though, the level of the worker seems to have no effect on the amount of supplies you get from a supply run. Only the personality type matters.

I agree though that sell price + stock time do indeed seem to be directly related; all instances of where something costs X, the stock time is Y. And good point about the fact that the only difference between the cheapest and most expensive stock items is the length of time between re-stocks.

As mentioned in the post, the GameFaqs page for this game did not exist before (presumably because it was Canada-only until last week?) but I'll look into how I can get this on GameFaqs so we can work on it together in a less weird manner. :) Thanks so much for the helpful comment!

Submitted by Lexx (not verified) on

Actually, if you open a business, you'll notice a starshaped XX% OFF! sign at the top left, that is calculated as the worker's skil levels added together, and it directly reduces the resource cost by the amount listed.

So, the base resource cost is fixed (by sell price, with the values I mentioned earlier), and is then modified by the workers skill levels.

To get the base resource cost multiply the listed resource cost by 1 minus the percentage listed.

As an example, if there is 6% reduction multiply by 0.94, if there is 27% reduction multiply by 0.73.

If you do this for all your shops, you'll get new resource costs which are considerably higher than what you had so far.
If you then add a formula for =F2/H2 (as in Sell Price divided by Resource Cost) you'll get 1.5 for the first item, 3 for the second and 4.5 for the third item.

Yeah, okay, actually I've had ranges from 1.488 to 1.515, but that's just off by 1-2, probably strange rounding.

Submitted by Anh (not verified) on

Okay, I know I must be a super nerd, but you should add a column that shows the amount of coins you can receive per box of supplies to greater your percentage of profit. Super easy to do in the spread sheet. Just use the = command, choose first the sell price than / by the resources, then just hit enter and then drag that command all the way down. :)

Submitted by Nathan Stapleton (not verified) on

I mentioned this page on the game's GameFAQs board in case someone goes there trying to find some game help. I think actually uploading it there would be a good idea. You get credit for anything you post there so people know who made the uploaded stuff.

Submitted by webchick on

Oh, great! That game page on GameFaqs totally wasn't there at the time I made this spreadsheet. I'll look into writing a script to export Google Docs -> Irritating GameFaqs Wiki Syntax. :)

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I am so dissapointed . I am itching to play this game but I cannot for the life of me get it to load past 21% . I've tried everything, resetting my phone, deleting the game and re installing it. I've even tried loading it on my boyfriends phone and it just won't work! Can anyone tell me why?

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I am so dissapointed . I am itching to play this game but I cannot for the life of me get it to load past 21% . I've tried everything, resetting my phone, deleting the game and re installing it. I've even tried loading it on my boyfriends phone and it just won't work! Can anyone tell me why?

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Hi! I was just wondering how you guys all found out about this game? Looks awesome! Will definitely play!

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What is the max of the people's skills? Most I have seen is 9

Submitted by Lexx (not verified) on

9 is max.

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Yes! A post that actually offers help on a game, and not just useless blather! THANK YOU!!

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What is the longest trip you've managed to find for your supply depots? The longest I found was 3h 30m

Submitted by webchick on

Same, although there are reports on the Facebook page of 4H.

I got one at 4 hours, but it is the only one I have ever found at that length. No matter what else I try to find in any city around me it shows up at 3 Hours 30 Minutes. I took a screenshot to prove it to webchick lol.

Submitted by Shannon (not verified) on

New business as of this morning, I don't see it in the spreadsheet. Sight for Gore Eyes. I did not build it though. Thanks for all the hard work!

Submitted by webchick on

That's added now, along with the stats. Thanks! :) Feel free to request access to the spreadsheet too. I'm still procrastinating on writing a "google spreadsheets to gamefaqs" script because this is sooo much easier to edit. :P

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May i know how to restart the game ?

Submitted by Marina2347729 (not verified) on

Do you know how to restart/reset the game ?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Is it true when you get to a high level you have trouble getting enough supplies without buying them?

Submitted by webchick on

You have to be careful to choose supply depots further and further away from you in order to earn enough supplies to stock your businesses. I tried to document this at https://docs.google.com/a/acquia.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AusehVccVSq2dG...

Businesses that are physically closer to you at the time you (re-)create the supply depot return supplies faster, but return far less supplies than those further out. Look for businesses approximately 30 km / 20 miles away, rather than ones in your area. You will both have to go on supply runs less often (important if you are trying to have any kind of life outside of this game; shame on you! :D), and you will also receive a lot more supplies per run (1247 - 1525 for a 3h30m run vs 119 - 145 for a 20 min run).

It can be useful to create a supply run closer to you (say, 20m - 60m away) in order to complete several supply runs to gain better weapons, then bulldoze it (which costs a Buck, so don't do it often) and pick something further away as your needs grow. Or, you can physically travel further away and then rebuild it as the *same* business, but with a higher return value than when you build it from your couch. :)

I have no areas that are 3 hour 30 minutes away from me. Can I ask if there's a chance to change the supply route of one of your supply depots? And, does the level of the person doing the supply run affect in anyway because I don't see it? How?

Submitted by Lindus (not verified) on

As the stores items are getting more and more expensive it sure takes more supply runs to be able to stock them. Seems like right now I am only able to keep around 4K of supplies in backup but I am still a noob with this game so...

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Item 1 - Rubber Raft
cost: 336
sell: 510
time: 40:00

Item 2 - Jet Ski
cost: 1606
sell: 5360
time: 3:30:00

Item 3 - Yacht
cost: 2216
sell: 11085
time: 4:50:00

Match: Loner

(pricing and information are WITHOUT loner personality matched to it.

Submitted by have2p (not verified) on

Here are a couple helpful tips for your town as it gets larger (my population is 105 with only 7-9 level workers and I only check on it a couple times a day)

- Build supply depots that are 3:30 away - As webchick mentioned start out with closer ones until you at least get a shotgun or rifle, then switch to the farther distance so you don't have to check it as often and you will pull in 2k + supplies per run. This is very helpful when you have more than 10 supply depots as it starts to get annoying to do so many supply runs in a row.

-Build businesses close to Lola - As your town grows scrolling through your whole town to make sure all your businesses are making supplies becomes a pain. Now when I get the money to build something I only choose housing, and all my scattered housing closer to Lola is demolished and turned into a profitable building. This makes it easier to check on businesses and use the notifications on the left to get to my supply depots farther away.

- Hire high-level workers for high-income businesses - As you swap out low leveled workers with high leveled ones for your business, always focus on your high-income businesses first (the ones further down webchicks building chart) as they will provide the most dramatic effect for saving resources.

- The last tip is one I am hesitant to mention for fear of it changing... but it helps a lot. When choosing a business you might notice that sometimes your choices suck, and you can't close the window to go back to your town. I'm sure some of you have realized if power down your device and back on the game will reload and you will be back in town with your old building intact. Your cash will also be the same as you will not be charged until you actually make a choice on a new building. This is helpful when trying to get the most profitable building possible, but annoying to power off and on your device every time. A little trick for the iPhone 4s (unsure whether it applies to any other devices) when confronted with terrible choices is to hold down your power button until the red power off slide shows up (Don't slide it though!), then hold the home button until it returns you to your home screen. When you open up your app it will reload and your old building will be back so you can try again.

Hope this helps!

Submitted by Killer (not verified) on

Actually you don't have to turn off your device to get new building choices, you can just clear the cache. Double click your home button. All the apps you have open will show up. Hold down on the NZA icon and little minus signs will appear next to each. Tap the minus icon to clear the cache and you can start fresh. less annoying than powering off for sure.You should do this on your device anyway to conserve memory and possibly power.

Submitted by Killer (not verified) on

Oh and please don't change this Booyah overlords! Only the most dedicated, obsessive dorks are even going to bother going to the trouble--let us have our little break! I never would have figured it out if I wasn't totally in Love/completely obsessed with your game!

Submitted by Tuts (not verified) on

Killer, you're spot on! My wife and I are in love with this game and we know it makes us nerds. We've told dozens of people about it so far, love it!

Submitted by JS (not verified) on

I've noticed that more survivors show at the gate more frequently when I have a higher number of vacancies in my town. Keep at least one housing unit more than you actually need and you'll be able to attract more survivors. It really helps with weeding out the fray and getting higher experience levels. Approximately half of my businesses are run by level 9s. I don't have a survivor that's less than 7.

Submitted by karl (not verified) on

hey where can I get in contact with the community?

Submitted by Lindus (not verified) on

Sorry to say but this is the community as Booyah has not set up any forums yet that can be easily found.

Submitted by Tmac (not verified) on

Hey, I was wondering, how do you know which buildings are more profitable when you are presented with the 3 options? Is it in ascending order or what? Also, as I am in the UK, I don't know if this affects the location services, but I have only ever been presented with short runs (20-25m) and have 10 short (25m) supply runs. I had to blind search before I could get the 3hr plus runs, so thanks for letting me know that those exist. I'm glad I stumbled on this blog, it's been very helpful! :) On your chart, Greenhouse Greens is my most profitable, but I have higher numbers than you wrote there. For Shrub- 577, 1710 for Fern, and 14040 for Daisies. I don't know how you amend, but just wanted to put that out there.

Submitted by Fishy (not verified) on

To answer your first question, it helps to have the building chart in front of you to help choose which business to build. I can't recall if the game window presents them in any order of value.
Second question - I usually just type in the names of towns/suburbs farther away in order to find longer runs. Although I have noticed that if I try a search that is too far away I get no search results at all. Also, did you know that the list of available runs scrolls down? You probly did but I thought I'd mention it just in case.
Third question - I think the figures in the chart do not count any bonuses/discounts for personality match or skill level.

Hope that helps 8D

Submitted by Fishy (not verified) on

Hi. Just wanted to share a little navigation shortcut thing I found...
- A two-finger double tap will take you all the way to the RIGHT end of your town, straight to your last building.
- A three-finger double tap takes you all the way to the left, to the town gates. Handy once your town gets big. Its not always easy to do as you sometimes end up just selecting a building or person.

Also a big TYVM to Webchick and any other contributors for putting the chart together 8D