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Changing an iPad from a "your" iPad to a kid's iPad

Tue, 03/31/2020 - 21:21 -- webchick

Wow, it's been awhile since I blogged, apparently. :P This is not a proper blog, but rather a random smattering of notes I'd rather not lose. Maybe it's helpful to others as well!


Today, my daughter's teacher sent around some resources to facilitate home schooling over the next while. Here are the steps I went through to take my iPad (which I won at gay bingo in a unicorn onesie back in the day lol) to my kiddo's iPad.

I did not want to just wipe the thing and start over, because my daughter has several games on there, and she would be utterly devastated to lose all of her progress.

At the same time, I don't really want her having access to all my photos and iMessages, particularly the ones discussing things like Easter logistics. ;)

So here are the steps I took, and they will perhaps be helpful to you as well!

Register their own Apple ID

This one's pretty straight-forward, but it's necessary for later steps:

1. Get them an email address. There are lots of ways to do this, https://gmail.com is popular.
2. Register it at https://appleid.apple.com/ Fudge the birth year. :P

Log out as you, log in as them

Go to Settings > click your name > click Sign out.

If applicable, you'll need to enter your password to turn off "Find my iPad" (you can turn it back on again under their account instead).

It warns you it's going to delete data off this iPad. That's fine, and what you want. The problem is, it doesn't go nearly far enough...

Delete your iMessages

If you go to iMessage, you'll still see all of your messages there. Horror of horrors. :P

Sign in as them instead.

You'd expect the messages to now be gone. You would be wrong.

According to https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/how-to-delete-imessages-just-on-one... , iMessages are stored per-device. This seems to be true based on my experience, though I have to admit I lost several years off my life trying this. :P

Anyway, at the conversation tab, click "Select" in the upper-right corner, then check all of them, and then click Delete. Scariest few minutes of your life. You might want to practice with very old conversations that you don't care too much about.

Delete iMessage conversations

If you don't want them on iMessage at all, go to Settings > iMessage, and turn off the iMessage setting altogether.

Delete your Photos

Photos, on the other hand, do sync to all your devices by default. You need to turn off that behaviour.

Settings > Photos, turn off "iCloud Photos". This will disconnect the device from the iCloud backend.

Now, in the next scariest few minutes of your life, go to Photos, click Select, and drag all around deleting everything in sight.

Delete photos

Also go into "Albums", click "Edit" and delete your custom ones of those, too.

Now, are your photos deleted? No they are not! You now need to go to Albums > Recently Deleted, select them and THEN delete them, and they're gone for good.

Making web pages look like apps

I know my name is webchick and all, but the interface for the web is really bad. Typing in complicated addresses with weird punctuation. Not the easiest thing for a 1st grader.

So to work around this, note that you can navigate to any web page, click Share > Add to Home, and it will create an icon (based on the favicon) that looks just like an app. Hooray!

Share, Add to home screen
A toolbar showing a mix of apps and web pages that look the same