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Linux.com Interview

Sat, 08/09/2008 - 00:50 -- webchick

I just saw this float past the stream in #drupal...

A couple weeks ago, Amber Gillies had asked if she could interview me about Google Summer of Code and my experiences in the Drupal project as part of the piece, Open source technology is hungry for new college grads. Yeah... just *try* to get me to shut up about how awesome GSoC and Drupal are. :D She did a very good job of turning my firehose of an e-mail into coherent sentences. ;)

Edit: Holy crap, this has been Slashdotted, too.



Congrats! Happy to see Linux.com is using my pictures (without attribution though).

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Hopefully she'll get that fixed lickety-split. :)

When this showed up in my feed reader (netvibes.com) and I saw the title, my first thought was "this must be something about SoC, maybe even GHOP, so it might have something to do with Drupal...maybe even Angie!"
I clicked on the link, started reading, and I thought "OMG! I was right!"

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ditto Jamie's sentiment. and minus the photo snafu the write-up seems pretty nice too! you rock!