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"No Zombies Allowed" Building Chart

Wed, 05/30/2012 - 02:43 -- webchick

I'm crack-addicted to the iPhone/iPad game No Zombies Allowed, and for whatever reason can't find anything about it anywhere on the Internet.

The gist of the game is, you rebuild your city after a zombie apocalypse. Literally your city; it has geolocation detection and lets you specify nearby businesses from the "real world" from which to loot supplies. :) You progress in the game by buying hollowed-out shells of buildings with coins and turning them into either Housing (lets you bring survivors into your town as "worker bees" and to increase your town's population) or Businesses, where you use supplies to stock items which then sell over time for more coins, which are then used to buy up more hollowed-out shells of buildings which can then be turned into... well you get it.

Survivors have a particular personality type (such as "Leader" or "Joker") which impacts both their physical appearance as well as their suitability to a given business or supply run. If you match survivor and business personality types, you get bonus cash. It adds a bit of strategy to the game since you're limited in the number of survivors you can take in.

The artwork and sound effects in the game are fantastic, as well as the sense of humour around the names and products stocked at the businesses (e.g. "Last Life Arcade" sells a product "Legend of Zombie" ;)). There are action elements as well, so it's not just mindless collecting/waiting. During supply looting you actually shoot / reload at packs of roaming zombies (you get better guns [and eventually a chainsaw!] the more supply runs you do). You can also fire at zombies at the front gate for fun (and additional supplies/cash).

ANYWAY. The point of this post:

Some buildings are better than others, and when you place a new building, you're given three possible choices and no idea what's in store beyond the personality types associated with them. Here's a list of all buildings, their personality types, supplies, and income for making sound choices, since choosing wrong requires a "Z-Buck" plus several hours to bulldoze the building and try again. (I intended to put this on GameFaqs instead of my blog but they don't even have this game listed there yet.) It's editable by anyone That got messy, so if you want access to fill in additional details, please request it and I'll grant it. I'm also on the look for somewhere more "neutral" it can live so I don't need to "own" it. If you have suggestions let me know!

Hope that helps someone. :)


Submitted by Nikki (not verified) on

Cool! Just what I needed! Thanks!

Submitted by Rae (not verified) on

My iPhone is going into be fixed as its got a fault and have been working hard but with my phone being away will my survivors die????? Grrrrr will b so grumpy if they do

Submitted by Tanya (not verified) on

Does anyone know what the special purple building is that comes up when you have the option of building housing or business?

Submitted by Tara (not verified) on

The first special I have gave me a mercenary base with a mercenary named Jimbo. He will go on a mission every 5 and a half hours (I think) and make sure all zombies get killed without affecting health. There's an option to recruit another mercenary for $50,000 but I haven't done it.

I was wondering what I will get if I spend my money on another special. Anyone know? It takes me so long to get enough money for the next building, I'm reluctant to do it without knowing what I'll get. Jimbo is nice, but he's pretty expensive! ;-)

Submitted by Mark (not verified) on

You can buy two more mercs, first one is $50K, second is $100K. Not worth it IMO. I've sat to see if they allow zombies to get to your truck and often they do. Waste of a building. Wish I had the option of demolishing it.

Submitted by Lindus (not verified) on

Is it just me or is it not possible to buy this weeks specials? Or might it be due to not havin 100K Z's available to buy them for? If so, at least tell me I need more coins like when you want to build a house.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Put a full list of the buldings on nt jus a few

Submitted by John oneill (not verified) on

What happens to survivors if you bulldoze a housing unit?

Submitted by OverD (not verified) on

For you to be able to bulldozer a housing you must have an empty house to re locate you survivor. Otherwise you wont be able to bulldozer it.

Submitted by Ash (not verified) on

Hey thanks for creating this! :) can you send me your email? I'll send you my email through there for privacy sake :) Id be happy to help add to the spread sheet :)

Submitted by Scott (not verified) on

I'm playing the game now and I have the Shock Shop. The Battery information is cost: 319. Sell: 960. Stock time 50:00. Double check your chart as Silver Teeth from the Incisor Disguisers also has the same stats. I thought it might be a duplicate.

Submitted by GSO (not verified) on

I love the list, I use it all the time, only suggestion I have is that since a lot of businesses with the same item 3 sale price have significant variances in the sales price of the other 2 items, maybe a total value column using the formula (sales price item 1 + Sales Price of Item 2 + Sales Price of Item 3)/(Resource Cost of Item 1 + Resource Cost of Item 2 +Resource Cost of Item 3) this would really show the overall value of an business, I understand stocking time is involved but for most people that only check a few times a day and the fact that all night the game is running I think that the value of this formula would be the best indicator of actual value. Let me know if I am missing something here.
Thanks again for putting this together!!

Submitted by webchick on

Feel free to click on the "Share" button on the doc and request access to edit it, I'd be thrilled to get more co-maintainers!

Submitted by Rose (not verified) on

it's not loading at my iPhone 4S. Since about a week it's not getting past 47%. I deleted it and reinstalled but it's still not working. Can anyone help me?