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Google Podcast: Women in Open Source

Tue, 01/15/2008 - 19:26 -- webchick

Addison Berry and I had the opportunity to speak on a Google podcast with several women from other projects who are all helping to manage the Google Highly Open Participation Contest from their respective communities.

It was really interesting to talk to women behind other projects like Joomla! and Apache and see what their thoughts were about the program, about why they thought so many of us were involved, and so on.

Check it out!

Disclaimer: I was completely doped out on cold medication at the time, so cannot be held responsible for anything I said or didn't say. ;)


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Great podcast!
Congratulations to all the people involved in the GHOP, certantly the students are amazing.

I agree that women are far more capable on the relationship and organizing aspect of open source and live in general. You and Addison demonstrate this every day.