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Drupalcon Szeged helps make testing... fun?

Sun, 06/22/2008 - 21:30 -- webchick

Drupalcon Szeged
I'm officially headed to Drupalcon Szeged in August (thanks, Lullabot!), and so naturally submitted a few session proposals this weekend. :) Incidentally, if you haven't yet registered for Szeged, you really ought to do so soon -- the price goes up after June 30, and their website has a super smooth registration process.

So in addition to the "usual" Drupalchix BoF and Summer of Code showcase proposals, I also really want to try something new this year in support of spreading the testing love.

So I'm proposing.... Awesome Testing Party, a working session where coders from newbie to ninja gather in a room together and help each other to write tests for Drupal core.... and win prizes! :)

The idea is for newbies to pair up with ninjas, and take a Drupal core function (a card in a stack of index cards), sit down, write a test, submit a patch, then grab another card. Resources will be provided, like a testing "cheat-sheet," and testing experts will be on-hand to answer any questions as the session goes on. At the end, we'll give out dorky prizes for things like "most tests written," "best test written," "craziest function to write tests for," etc.

The goal of this party is not 100% test coverage of Drupal in an hour (though if we get a few committable tests out of it, so much the better :)), but rather to make testing more approachable and less scary, to increase the number of people who have testing knowledge, and, most importantly, to have FUN! :D

Don't feel like you have the testing chops to come to this party? Don't fret -- if you know any PHP at all, you totally do. But if you're still feeling a little shy, there would be an intro to testing session earlier in the week to help get you up to speed. :)

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Ridiculously bad idea? ;) Any other thoughts on how help ensure that it's a success? Want to help out on-site?

Oh, also, you might notice my site is not running Garland anymore. I want to throw out a HUGE thanks to Nathan Haug, who totally surprised me with this result of his plane hacking session. :D NATE, YOU ROCK!


For some reason I can't seem to get the phrases "party" and "writing tests" to stick together in my mind.

Maybe if you add in a little, or even better, a lot, of alcohol into the equation it might start to seem attractive. Back in the day (ok, 8 years ago), I got my lovely wife so plastered the first time we went out that she thought I was attractive, and by the time she realized the errors of her ways it was too late. I think there's something to be said for this method of making seemingly boring and/or homely things more attractive. I know it sounds crazy, but it works! :P

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An alcohol induced testing binge sounds like loads of fun. It could be like a pub quiz, last item in the day. We're not in Boston any more :) Might have to split up some of the first pick team members up though ;)

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That Ballmer peak is difficult to achieve. :)

Also it keeps minors from participating, and Charlie and Dmitri are two of our foremost testing experts. :)

How about ... ummm... chocolate? It also makes seemingly boring and/or homely things more attractive... with its deliciousness! ;)

Also, thanks for the tip on the new theme's notice. Fixed. :)

I love chocolate and that Palatschinken looks rather tasty. Although I haven't had time to emerge from my hole called email, I'm down for this.

I could bring some candies from that far-out-east land if anyone wants.

hhmm... maybe we need prizes!

So sad I'm gonna miss out on all the fun! Unfortunately I don't have enough holiday time or $$$ left after Boston to make it to this one. I think that sounds like a great idea though, I would totally check it out as a coding newb, demystifying testing would be a big help for someone who's at a beginner stage with the PHP!

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I kept meaning to post about that but I haven't found the time. :( I'll do so now. Thanks for the reminder! :)