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Goodbye, World... :(

Tue, 04/01/2008 - 17:30 -- webchick

Note: Please read the date of this post before sending me e-mails about it. Thanks. ;)

Since I got my start in the Drupal community in 2005, most have noticed that I've been a wee bit, erm. Obsessed. I try to help out in as many ways as possible, and often this means juggling about 50,000 different priorities at a given time, the last of which is always sleep.

Well, it was fun for the last 2.5 years, but enough is enough. While I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Drupal community, my participation has often been at the expense of relationships with family and friends as well as my own personal health and well-being. :( So, it's time to say "goodbye, world" to the Drupal community and instead embark on a new chapter in my life...

As some of you out there might know, I've been an avid video game fanatic my entire life. I cut my teeth (literally) first on Pong, and as I grew older, I played my way through games on almost all the systems, from Atari 2600 and NES, all the way up to the systems of today. Seriously, I'm a freak. I even have a 3DO and a Sega CD kickin' around. :)

Before arriving in the Drupal community, I had big aspirations for starting my own video game company, but those sort of fell apart between the patch reviews and the mailing lists and the Drupalcons. But last summer, I finally played the best game ever made, and that moment truly paved the way for things to come.

So since you all took real great care of me during my time in the Drupal community, I wanted to give you a sneak-peak at the never-before seen storyboards for my next project, a.k.a. the "next big thing" in gaming: Picross DS Revenge.

Picross DS Revenge

So there you have it. Here's hoping for a break-away hit, and am really excited to begin this project!

As for the current obligations I have in the Drupal community, don't fret. chx, cwgordon, and dmitri are heading up Summer of Code, Kieran's handling the Drupal.org redesign, Bevan and Catch are hard at work on the usability work, Jimmy Berry is rockin' the crap out of SimpleTest, and the documentation team's in good hands with Addi and Steven Peck. My only other outstanding obligation is my role as Secretary in the Drupal Association, but since Dries has too much time on his hands as it is, he has offered to take notes at meetings in my stead.

Thanks again for the awesome time, Drupal community. Hopefully we'll cross paths again in the future. picross_revenge.module, anyone? :)


This is a surprise. And also not. I was always wondering how you could do all those things... Must say I sympathise with this "All or nothing" approach. Hope your videogame will be a real killer ;)
Or is there a chance this could be a first of April thing?

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Angie, you totally rock and it has been awesome working with you as a friend and co-worker. You gonna rock that crap girl! I know we'll stay in touch outside of Drupal and we'll carry on somehow....

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Didn't anyone tell you that video games are bad for your health?!

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Need help on game?

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Whoa, are you accepting job applications??

When I saw the headline, I hoped against hope that it was another April Fool's joke.

You've touched so many of us Angie. You're talented, gifted, and can out work all of us.

Best of luck in your future adventures. I'm sure you'll do amazing things.


Is anyone taking into consideration that this was posted on April 1st (a.k.a. Aprils Fools day). I about poo'd myself when it read this in my RSS feed reader, then I realized, ohh yeah. Pffft, webchick leave the drupal community, hahahaha.

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(Note that I didn't publish any of the "giveaway" comments until April 2.)

I was trying to give a couple of big hints, including:

1. A Picross game that's rated M for Mature Audiences (but probably only gamer geeks would get that)
2. Saying that Dries had enough time on his hands to take over for me. ;)

Anyway, sorry if I spooked anyone with this... you'll have to try a lot harder than that to get rid of me. :D

Btw, kudos to Addi for the "Picross Revenge" idea. ;)

To quote the whirligig driver in the Road Warrior:

That's just low!

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LOL. Deal. :)

And to Laura and Kevin and anyone else I 'scared the crap out of', I'm really sorry. :( Next year I'll do rickroll like everyone else. ;)

heh .. yeh right :) !!
George bush resigned as well ..

Down with political correctness. I out myself as a fan of really scary horror movies and jokes that hurt the bone. For this - your joke will stand out as the best one for quite a while. But wait for next 1st of April - there will be some people very well prepared }:]

Oh girl of many talents, you can write things like this while I'm still (somewhat) young, but eventually you'll have to think of my poor heart. Let your cunning wit not be the vehicle of my early demise.

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Something less depressing next time, please!

Isn't the usually formulation "goodbye cruel world"? I mean, I appreciate you wanting to spare us all the slight, but you have to admit it has a nice ring to it.


New an yet unsurfaced details have emerged concerning Angela Byrons spoofed resignment of her engagement of Drupal community yesterday. Our contact claims she was seen giving out a first comment on the so-called "Rickroll Module" a piece of software potentially dangerous and thus being put into quarantine by the CIA. Eyewitnesses say the usually friendly and happy-go-lucky lady who is hardly ever seen hurting anyone was quite put off by being taken in by a nasty joke.

So it might have been she thought of revenge. Thus - so far our still unconfirmed theory - she came up with a wicked plan. But oh, the entire story went out of control. About seven of here very close coworkers suffered severe health damage due to heart attacks and panic, two even died. Presently, Ms Byron is taken care of in Toronty main hospital, in a state of shock.
Hobo Times, April 5th, Neverseeland

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Don't do it again, please, por favor.

Note to myself: Remember April 1st is like December 28 in Barcelona.