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Drupal 7 code slush status update

Fri, 10/16/2009 - 15:38 -- webchick

Short version: Extension until Monday to work on feature exception patches. GO! :D

As Dries mentioned in his Drupal 7 code freeze post, yesterday (October 15, 2009) marked the end of the period of development known as "Code Slush": a time to focus on API clean-ups and the list of 10 feature exceptions identified at Drupalcon Paris. Major APIs in Drupal 7 should now be considered frozen, barring critical bug fixes, so contributed module authors should be able to start porting modules to fulfill their D7CX pledges.

A number of great API clean-ups made it in during the 6-week extension, as well as many of the feature exceptions. Here's where we currently stand:

  1. Image Field: DONE!
  2. Translatable fields: API changes: DONE! (UI still outstanding)
  3. Convert Profile module to Field API: Stalled. :(
  4. Convert Taxonomy module to Field API: DONE!
  5. Admin overlays: Very close!
  6. Edit anywhere: Very close! DONE!
  7. Customizable shortcut bar: Very close! DONE!
  8. Administrative dashboard DONE!
  9. Plugin Manager (automated module updates): DONE!
  10. RDF: Making good progress DONE!

There are still 5 2 exceptions outstanding, but most of them are very close. As a result, Dries and I have decided to extend the deadline for feature exceptions only until Monday, October, 19, 2009. After that, there will be a post to the drupal.org front page on the next steps in the march toward Drupal 7's release.

I also want to extend a sincere thank-you to the core contributors who have done such a major push during code slush to get Drupal 7 into an even better place than it was September 1. There was a tremendous effort, particularly over the past 7-10 days, on features and functionality that will propel Drupal 7 to the stratosphere of awesomeness. Hopefully next week we can all catch up on a bit of sleep. :D


Submitted by chx (not verified) on

Daniel "Sun" Kudwien. Yes there were many who did a lot but what he did and still does mentions a mention.

Congratulations on the work so far - I am extremely excited about the Drupal 7 work that's been done, and looking forward to porting a couple of my smaller sites to Drupal 7 as soon as it hits code freeze (just for playing around/testing everything).

These features are going to make Drupal rock more than ever! Another benefit: a lot of Drupal WTFs have been eradicated now, like the 'Required checkbox' not working.

Congratulations!! This is great work. In India, we are going to have a Drupal Sprint this month end. Everyone here is hoping to contribute a lot in terms of testing, documenting, and writing patches. All of us would want Drupal 7 to be completely stable with its first release, and also get out asap. I'm also hoping for a much improved file management, and performance improvement.

Thanks! and once again Congratulations!!

I have to confess that I had my doubts that the exceptions would make it in so I'm ecstatic to see that most of them did. Awesome work by all parties.

Submitted by NikLP (not verified) on

I'm doing what I can to generate something behind the profile.module issue (http://tr.im/C6Mc) but I'm really struggling.

If anyone can divert some time to this it would be extremely gratefully received.

The bottom line is, without this getting fixed, we're still hovering in the stone age for nearly all Drupal-based social networking site builds. It's really important!

If you have field API experience or knowledge and realise the importance, please jump in. I don't have adequate experience with the code to make any headway and the lead devs are currently unavailable.

This needs work by monday otherwise ... *shudder* ... PROFILE.MODULE will LIVE AGAIN.

Submitted by marcvangend (not verified) on

RDF core (http://drupal.org/node/493030) is practically RTBC... nice work! Now let's do the same with Overlay!