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Drupal 7 RTBC queue down to 0 issues

Sun, 10/12/2008 - 00:54 -- webchick

Today was the first day of my vacation (linking to Wikipedia in case you, like me, were not sure what this word meant) so naturally a bunch of us spent the entire day in #drupal slashing through bugs and features in preparation of DRUPAL-7-0-UNSTABLE-2 which should be tagged tomorrow, with lots of nice goodies. :)

The result? The queue of patches ready to be committed queue as I sign off here is down to zero issues*.

Thanks to everyone in #drupal who participated, with a special shout-out to Dave Reid, who spent the entire day (and evening, and early next morning) testing and rolling (and re-rolling, and re-re-rolling) patches, Peter Wolanin for getting all the various D6 security patches ready, Matt Farina for sticking it out while we debugged an 11th hour issue, and the folks working away at BADCamp for their Testing Party patches! Yeah!! :)

Just a heads-up; I'm going to be afk from Tuesday, October 14 to Monday, October 20 (/me gets the jitters already). Hopefully there'll be a nice big list of patches to crank through when I get back. :)

Let's keep rockin' that Patch Spotlight and get all kinds of more goodies ready for UNSTABLE-3 in another couple of weeks!

* Ok, ok. Fine. There are two issues there: a hook caching system and a way to alter node access grants. But they both need Dries's input. So that's zero enough for me, and still a far cry from the ~40 RTBC patches we had back in mid-August. :)

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I always thought vacation was a time when your own modules and projects were more important than your work obligations. AFK for a whole week? Sounds unhealthy ;-) Hope you survive this whole vacation thing. Don't quite know what you did to deserve such punishment :P

I'll look at these two patches shortly -- and I'll try to keep the RTBC queue small while you're on vacation.

Enjoy your time off, it is well deserved. If it helps, I can revoke your commit rights for a week. ;-)

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A bunch of Drupal heroes at work. Keep it going ;-)