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Headed to BlogHer and OSCON

Thu, 07/17/2008 - 09:44 -- webchick

So the past couple months have been completely nuts trying to get Drupal Jumpstart out the door (one month left! eek!), I haven't had the chance to write about this.

I'm Speaking at BlogHer 08 Tomorrow, I'm headed to San Francisco, California for BlogHer '08, and will be co-presenting with Marianne Masculino from WordPress on Saturday about how to participate in an open source community; I of course will be talking about the Drupal community. :)

OSCON 2008
Then Monday, I'm headed out to Portland, Oregon for OSCON 2008 and will be hanging at the OSCON Welcome for the Drupal Community and hopefully the Drupal Media/Files Code Sprint. I also get to meet our book's editor, Julie Steele from O'Reilly, which I'm really excited about. :D

Anyone else going to be at either of those events?


Submitted by Steve (not verified) on

I'll see you on the 23rd in Portland at the OSCON Welcome event. We're looking forward to having you folks here.

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Writing from the cabana at our OSCON hotel and have to say it's a beautiful sunny time in Portland. Some of the Boise and Redmond crews will be at the welcome for the Drupal community and FOSCON Live Coding competition http://pdxfoscon.org/competition

Your session at BlogHer rocked - and you got me very interested in the Drupal community (and particularly the Documentation side!)
Just as soon as I reorient myself to reality, I'll be looking further into it.

Just thought I'd drop by to say thanks, and to let you know that you were fabulous!