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Reminder: Review Drupal Association candidates this weekend!

Sat, 01/12/2008 - 00:38 -- webchick

Just a reminder for all those in Drupal-land that on January 15th we'll be holding the very first General Assembly, where the Drupal Association permanent members will vote in a new round of permanent members and a new board of directors will be selected. This is the first time we're going to be admitting new members beyond the initial folks who helped review the statutes, so it's a pretty exciting and important event.

The deadline to submit candidacies has passed, but you still have until then to read and comment on all the various applicants. And if you submitted your candidacy but haven't looked at the site in awhile, please check it again, as a bunch of folks have been discussing these applications already.

Remember that the more feedback we get from the broader Drupal community on these candidates, the better job we're likely to do in voting. So please, add your personal experiences with folks (particularly if they're not a "household name" in the Drupal community yet). Ask questions to help clarify the candidates' goals and experience. Challenge things in their applications that don't seem to quite add up.

If we can do candidate reviews as well as we do patch reviews, we should be in for an awesome second year for the Drupal Association. :)