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Lost all e-mail from Oct. 14 - 20 >:\

Tue, 10/21/2008 - 16:01 -- webchick

If you sent me a personal e-mail in the past week, I no longer have it. >:\ Apparently either DreamHost or Thunderbird choked to death on the 20,262 e-mails I had waiting for me after I came back from vacation and thought it'd be an awesome idea to just give up and delete them all. THANKS. Thankfully, @lullabot.com goes somewhere else, so those are ok.

On a related note, anyone know of any decent e-mail providers? :P

Sigh. :(


Given your commitment to the Drupal community, I would gladly provide you with free email hosting. Peace.

Submitted by chx (not verified) on

you can hardly beat runbox in this matter. it's cheap, has a ton of storage and provides IMAP, SMTP over nonstandard ports etc.

Submitted by Ray (not verified) on

Just use Gmail, if only as an archive of any other address you have. You can receive/send mail from/as any other account. Very reliable, and I even find the ads useful a lot of the time, not annoying.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I would highly recommend mailtrust.com. Their spam protection is amazing. Everyone.net is a nice alternative, with some different offerings.

I have 2 gmail accounts; one for my personal, and one for my business, which uses the google apps stuff, and thus my MX records point at googles servers, and I have a nice web interface for my business email address.

Most people don't even know that they are sending email to a gmail account because it's my own domain.

+2 on Gmail.