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R.I.P. Oscar Bunny, 1999/07/26 - 2008/09/02

Tue, 09/02/2008 - 20:26 -- webchick

Oscar Kiss This afternoon, our rabbit, Oscar, passed away. He's been with us since 1999, a couple months after Marci and I moved into our first apartment in Halifax. Oscar was funny, gentle, smart, and full of personality... we miss him terribly. :(

Marci and I spent some time tonight looking through old photos and reflecting on some of the memories we have of him.

  • His "happy dance" where he would run around, flip himself up, and twist around in the air, landing in the opposite direction from which he started.
  • When he first met Pickle, who was just a kitten at the time, and made a record 9-foot leap from one end of the hall to the bathroom. Pickle simply meandered off in the other direction nonchalantly, of course.
  • When he chewed through the hose connecting the toilet bowl to the plumbing and proceeded to flood the entire bathroom.
  • When my brother Keith was holding him, remarking about how cute he was, and Oscar peed in his lap. ;)
  • When Bebop was just a kitten, she crawled into his kennel with him and we caught them laying next to each other spooning.
  • The way he would "peek" his head up over things to see what was going on on the other side.
  • When he wanted attention, he would pick his food dish up in his mouth and fling it around wildly.
  • He was once a TV celebrity in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

He passed very suddenly, but thankfully Marci and I were both able to spend his last few minutes holding and petting him. We drove out into the country and found a nice spot in a forest beneath a blanket of trees and laid him to rest, and marked the spot with some wildflowers from nearby. We love you, buddy.

Oscar Chew


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that's sad news, poor lil fella. his photos remind me of peter rabbit, what a total cutie. its a good thing he could hang on until you returned home from szeged.

I'm so sorry, Angie. Give Marci hugs and my hugest condolences. It sounds like Oscar was definitely a character....

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So sorry for your loss, guys. :-/ He sounds like he brought a lot of joy to your lives!

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thanks for writing this, angie..it's really sweet. Oscar-bun will be missed, but I love the memories you've written...he was the best!

"Oscar, your teeth are big and green!.."

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It's amazing how such small creatures can spread so much joy and leave so many memories.

Sounds like you gave him a wonderful final resting place. R.I.P. Oscar.

oh angie, i'm so sorry about little oscar. he sounds like such a sweetie, and you two are amazing mamas to your kids, they're lucky to have you. :)