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Introducing Billie

Fri, 06/13/2008 - 21:15 -- webchick

So this is about two months overdue, but...

Say hello to the newest member of our family. :)


So far the reactions from the other kids are:

Pickle: "Whatever. When are you going to feed me?"
Bebop: "You leave me alone, I'll leave you alone."
Oscar: "What are YOU looking at?"
Cooper: "DIE!!!!!!!!!!!"

Her hobbies include rolling around in the grass, swinging her tug-of-war toy wildly (which we've since dubbed her 'dog-chuk'), racing around excitedly in the park after she successfully does her business, and carrying rawhide bones around in her mouth gingerly, as though they were prized treasures.

We're not exactly sure what type of dog she is, since she was abandoned at the vet clinic Marci works at, but a flat-coated retriever looks pretty darn close.

She just got back from having a triple pelvic osteotomy (try saying that three times fast) to treat hip dysplasia. She has to take it easy for 8 weeks and then we'll go racing around the park again. :) (Yes, that's right. Webchick goes outside every now and again these days. ;))


Submitted by marci (not verified) on

Finally! I guess you got sick of me bugging you about announcing Billiepants to the world. :)

Congrats to your new family member, webchick!
Seems like it really enjoys rolling around in the grass :)
I have a cat called 'pist' which i have had almost 1 year now and it has birthday same day as me!

rawhide can be a danger to dogs-- they can splinter and cause some serious damage. i would suggest using nylon bones.

Submitted by marci (not verified) on

Good point on the rawhide....fortunately for Miss Billie, her mom (me) is super vigilant when she's given rawhide, and keeps an eye on her to watch for danger. Rawhide danger! :)

But yeah, nylabones are fantastic and Billie devours them as well.

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Yes, there's nothing like playing with your dog and discovering a bloody mouth :( Just be careful!

That's great advice for dogs. I find that many people are completely oblivious to the needs of their dogs or how to teach a dog to behave. It essential that you do what is best for your animal.

Sure this is possible and probally happens all the time. But I guess then we'll have to take away sticks & stones ( had a dog who loved to gnaw on stones) too.

My point is that sometimes its nice to just let dogs be dogs, if we worry too much we get ulcers and were more important than our pets.

Plus having fun creating memories is more valuable to me than living longer.



Well your new family member reminds me about my dog, a labb that actually passed away a few months back. Its really hard to get over it as dogs really become attached and its sad that we dont have him with us now. Well hope your dog makes a speedy recovery.

What a cool looking pup? Is she able to help with advanced algorithmic problems in Drupal? :P

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To me, she looks exactly like our black German Shepherd, who also has dysplasia and lives South of Montreal.

I'd be interested to know who did the surgery & how it worked out?

We also use Drupal for about 5 sites currently.


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